Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rattlebones Rides Again

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~ Rattlebones Rides Again ~

Rattlebones Rides Again, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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There really couldn't be a better pic for Hallowe'en, could there, than this excellent bit of sidewalk satire I'd though gone from the city till I saw this one this weekend. Which is why I'm posting it at the end of September. You know me: can't keep a good thing to myself more than five seconds.

I was sad when the one by the Saint-Germain des Prés church got slowly washed and walked away but now it looks as though old rattlebones is back from the dead (this one's near the 'Au Rapide' café at Montparnasse), with a nice lilac tint to boot.

My contacts tell me he's not the only one either. Soon the streets will be teeming with skeletons, and we won't be able to move for old bones clogging up the cracks underfoot. Long live the lying dead.

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