Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Take Me To Thèbes

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~ Take Me To Thèbes ~

Take Me To Thèbes, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

As I often say, there's a lot of strange stuff strewn around the streets of Paris.

This is one of them. And for once there doesn't actually seem be any smarty pants know-all out there who does know anything about this enigmatic plaque which decorates the earth under our feet close to another exotic central Parisian landmark.

Find out more on my new Top Ten Perplexing Paris Plaques series over on Paris If You Please.

I'm pretty excited about it, both because I'll be able to tell you all about all the strange plaques I do know about, and also because I need to uncover two or three more to have a genuinely original Top Ten worthy of the name, so I have some ferreting around to do before I get to No.10!

Which leads me to a request: if you do know of any other strange pavement (US=sidewalk) plaques (US=... plaques?) then please let me know. We'll be forever in your debt and my threat to buy you a coffee and a croissant next time you're in ville still holds! Call me Mr. 'Croissants 4 Curiosities' and let's hope the scandal flakes away shortly.
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