Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Company I Keep

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ The Company I Keep ~

The Company I Keep, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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I realised that my blog's been looking a little horizontally challenged over the last few days, but my only choices were a landscape format shot of a dark city night with a poster inciting people not to piss against Paris walls (illustrated), or this.

Not having the heart to rain urine upon you on what is, for me at least, 8.15 on a Sunday morning, we're going to have to have vertical sex. Such are the early morning dilemmas of the Paris street photo blogger.

Another option, you might be saying to yourself, would be to stay in bed sleeping like any other normal human, but unfortunately you'd be forgetting 23-month-old humans for whom it's quite normal to be ready and raring to go at this devilish hour, and for whom the concept of 'weekend' or 'Sunday lie-in' hasn't yet attained crucial significance level.

How am I even able to be typing these words then, might be your next question. Ah hah! My secret weapon. The shame and salvation of all parents: the moving picture box in the corner I'm afraid. The downside is that fully-grown adults find themselves humming and sotto voccing with great gusto the theme tune to Noddy or the Teletubbies on the rush hour train like it was the latest Kasabian or Eminem stormer. Weird glances and wanely understanding smiles all round. The upside is a moment's peace, albeit at a time you'd far rather be horizontal.

Which brings me back to my dilemma. And sex.

This is the company I keep. SFR, I mean. Coming out of Gare du Nord a couple of days ago, I was confronted with this comforting vista; my phone, internet and TV provider at the bottom, another basic need in the middle, and the ubiquitous cheery green pharmacy cross at the top like some sort of holy church of desire. An Eiffel tower shaped eulogy to the excessive emissions and ingurgitations of modern French society. SFR-SEX-STD. We look for it, we get it, and we try to clean up afterwards. A metaphor for our times. A hoary hierarchy of needs, if you will. Maslow would be wetting himself.

But that story's for another rainy day. Have a nice Sunday, y'all. I'm off to Prête-Moi Paris to read about macaroons and other mush. Or possibly just change the nappy (daiper/couche) of one of the wages of my sins. To each their excesses. Dors bien if you can. Otherwise, enjoy life and learn to love the Teletubbies. BIG Huuggg ;~S

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