Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dry With Scattered Showers

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~ Dry With Scattered Showers ~

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If you've been reading me for a while, you'll know that, despite the best British genes' intentions in the world, the weather is not one of my topics of predilection. I don't know, maybe it's that saying 'It's hot today, isn't it?" on a hot day seems somewhat redundant, despite the obvious social oiling function it clearly performs. Or maybe it's just that if it's raining when I open the door to go out I take an umbrella if I have one, but as often as not don't just to experience the elements; but discussing them at length isn't really my thing. Perhaps I don't have British genes after all.

Whatever, I'm now going to do just that. Today was October, October I tell you, and we were sweltering here in the Paris region as though it were a hot mid-summer's day.

Err, that'll do, won't it? I've done the weather now, got it off my chest, so to speak, and can get on with something more interesting. Oh, you want more? Want me to live up to my heritage and not deny my roots? Well, ok. The afternoon's challenge, at a garden party of some sort, was to keep moving the picnic blanket every few minutes to stay in the shade as that old rogue the sun relentlessly rounded the tree top again and again to keep our sweat glands in business.

The sartorial tendencies? Oh, you know, summer frocks, shorts, flip-flops, that sort of thing. Accessories? Sun cream and wide-brimmed hats for the little ones. The menu? Cold, cold drinks, salad and ice-cream.

Even as the sun went down, blinding us in a way it never seems to in true mid-summer, we were struggling to stay out of the heat.

And then, true to the real time of year, the chill set in immediately, ready to lay a heavy layer of condensation on the grass like it had done in the morning. How long this heatwave is going to last I don't know because, as I said, listening to people telling me it will be dry with scattered showers (or is it other way round) isn't my definition of a particularly worthwhile use of my life.

People here in Paris are certainly making the most of the exceptional conditions though. The streets are full of dazed tourists and locals, not quite sure what to make of it but determined to give it a go anyway.

I'm lying actually. I couldn't help overhearing someone say this freak heat is going to break next week and we'll be back to the usual autumnal experience, which is fine by me. I like autumn. Is it my favourite season? It could well be, it could well be...

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