Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gaz À Tous Les Étages

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~ Gaz A Tous Les Etages ~

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I hesitated before publishing this, because it's against my principles to simply reproduce someone else's art without adding anything original, visually as well as textually. But in the case of this advert for an exhibition at the Bibliotèque Forney I'll make an exception. And I did crop and play with the cools just a little...

The reason I like this poster is that I spend so much of my life wandering the Paris streets with my head raised, eyes scanning all those little blue plaques, in the hope of finding a new one that doesn't just say "Gaz à tous les étages" like the vast majority do, this phrase has become highly symbolic for me.

As two matters of interest, firstly the exhibition is about the domestic revolution brought on by having on tap gas on all floors of modern buildings, and in the street too, leading to heating, cooking and lighting innovations.

And secondly, yes, there are a few intriguing variations on the "Gaz à tous les étages" theme still present on the Walls of the French capital. If you read me religiously they'll all be revealed in one way or another!

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