Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Monday Morning Metroness

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~ Monday Morning Metroness ~

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This one hasn't made it into my Top 10 Paris Metro Signs yet, as it's just a little similar to the other Guimard art nouveau ones, but I'm sorely tempted, it's so cute.

But I'm a bit disappointed. I put this up as a Paris Photo Quiz question asking the very simple question: Which metro station is this? No answer. Well, not a right one anyway. So although this isn't the quiz blog or anything, I'll ask again, to see if there are any true hardcore Paris freaks out there. Which metro station is this?!

Of course, I've played around with the pic a little, but it's still desperately cute, including the lovely old 'Entrée' and 'Sortie' panels in the same style on the sides of the entrance.

I'm getting ichy fingers in anticipation of recording the next in my Top Ten Paris metro signs series, but for now this will have to do. And I'm still hoping to hear about your favourites, in case I've missed any awesome ones. May the metro be with you on this sunny Monday morning.

In France a lot of people are 'doing the bridge' today, by the way. This particularly French phenomenon occurs when there's a public holiday on a Tuesday or Thursday and they take the Monday or Friday off too to have a looong weekend. Very sensible. Very slick.

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