Sunday, 23 October 2011

Reality's A Joke

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Reality's A Joke ~

Reality's A Joke, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

What you see here, as with all my photos, is the culmination of a long creative process. Still with me? Cool. So anyway, yes, believe it or not, the final result, culmination and dénouement, if you will (yes, it is an English word, kind of, I looked it up), I offer you daily on this here blog is the final step in a series of imaginative decisions and dilemmata.

While it might seem a little pretentious or precious to suggest that you are witnessing the birth of a lovingly prepared oeuvre, that's effectively what's happening. These images and words are my babies, and I offer them to you, to accept or refuse, with infinite humility and hope.

If you look, and read, this for me is acceptance, and I thank you. Irrespective of what your following reaction is.

I had a message from someone on Flickr, the photo storing and sharing service I use, 'inviting' me (as they say) to add this photo to his group, which he has named 'Fictitious Reality'. That's a pretty good name for a photo group, I reckon. Playing with people and places. Pretending we're actually doing something that means something. Making life a game. Good. Welcome to my fiction.

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