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Stab In The Dark

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~ Stab In The Dark ~

Stab In The Dark, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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I've never really understood the news. Can someone explain to me why the most important thing to fill our heads with every minute of every day is how many people have been killed and how?

There was a recent tweet which brought this home to me just now. The person is purportedly a 'Paris lover' but his or her tweet was simply a direct link to a newspaper report about a guy who had been stabbed in Marseilles or somewhere.

Why? Why on earth would I want to know about that and why on earth would someone think that I would. Why is it worth spending time hammering out those 140 characters of misery and loathing. What are we supposed to do with that particular piece of information. How will this enrich our lives? What can we do about it? What is the tweeter trying to achieve?

It's a mystery to me. Much more understandable is the plethora of messages announcing the pending 'Nuit Blanche' here in Paris, where there are numerous light displays and weird and wonderfully obscure artistic illuminations to gaze and goggle at.

I'm going to miss it. Having moved out to the sticks, I'm missing quite a few city centre events these days. Still, it tends to be variable in its interest, with some truly beautiful creations, and others just so-so. Plus you have to get home somehow, which isn't always easy. But at least it's all a bit more enlightening in the nicest possible way than knowing now that a guy has been stabbed in Marseilles.

As my friend Anon said to me once:

This troubled world is sighing now;
The flu is at the door;
And many folks are dying now
Who never died before.

But I just don't need to know about most of them.

Have a great White Night, and don't let the bed-bugs bite. Sleep tight, sleep tight, and don't set yourself alight. My bedtime ritual incantation from about 40 years ago, and I guess it'll do me for now.

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