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Steve Jobs Tribute: "Steve & I"

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Steve & I ~

Steve & I, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Three days ago I published a post called Love Me, Love My iPhone on Paris & I, which I'm including discretely in this posting too.

I created the Paris & I blog in February 2010, in a wave of excitement created purely by my new iPhone and the possibilities I spied for releasing more of my creativity. i even decided to never use the capital 'i' and stuck to that for about a year.

My first modest post was called Don't Pass Me By, as the sleek little device in my hand recorded my daily grind and transported me far beyond it.

Two posts later I tried to explain my thinking behind my new blog with an item entitled To Top It All. The adventure had begun. And for some reason it still seems as fresh as it did 20 months ago.

One photo a day, with a written commentary, every day for 20 months. I passed the 500 mark ages ago. I've found, perhaps, my ultimate channel of artistic expression, and it's almost entirely thanks to my iPhone that I've done so.

This name Paris & I has three significations, and they're all based on the 'i'. Paris can look after herself I reckon!

The first 'i' is the part of 'me' in every picture and every text. The second 'i' is the eye I use to initially register my impressions. And the third 'i' is a hommage to a company, and the man behind it, which has allowed me to finally focus my creative energies in an incredibly satisfying way.

You probably won't have guessed it, but the company's Apple and the man is Steve Jobs.

And the funny thing is I never liked Apple computers and never felt inclined to buy one in a million years. PC man me. To be honest, I had nothing against them, it's just that I started on PCs and couldn't be bothered learning more stuff just to do the same thing differently. But the iPhone changed all that.

And funnily enough, that sneaky little device even managed to eventually sneak into my Paris street pics on more than one occasion. And more than deserved every guest appearance. I've included a few samples from the last nearly two years throughout this article. And then there are the self-portraits. You've helped me map the labyrinth of my life. And i needed that. Thanks Steve.

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