Wednesday, 5 October 2011

They've Got Balls

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~ They've Got Balls ~

They've Got Balls, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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At the risk of speaking about the weather again, we almost needed the 'pompiers' (does that come from 'pumpers' I wonder?) to dowse us down again this weekend, as the last of the French heatwave rolls on by.

Google Translate doesn't help much either: sapeur is 'sapped', sapeurs is 'fire', pompier is 'fireman', and pompiers is 'fire department', it says. I'm not convinced. And as for sap...

OK, the last one makes sense, but as for the rest, your guess is as good as mine. Of course, I could do an in-depth bit of research into it but hey, you have access to the internet just the same as I do, right?

Personally, I'm just as interested in all those little red touches outside their building here in the 7th as in the etymology of their nomenclature. That discrete little line of scarlet tiles just beneath the ledge; the slightly macabre deep red soaking of the cuneform indents of 'SAP-POMPIERS', and of course that delightful lamp, now sadly burnt out and soulless, but nevertheless enchanting.

The omnipresent 'RF' completes the scene and, as often, this official building, along with many schools, swimming pools and public baths, manages to be just a little different from the surrounding architecture.

And I haven't even mentioned the legendary 'Firemen's Balls' yet, which take place every year and draw great crowds of admirers... ;~S

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