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Windows of Importunity

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~ Windows of Importunity ~

Windows of Importunity, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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You'd be surprised how much surreptitious sidewalk insobriety goes on in this so-called city of light; you can barely turn a corner without stumbling over the remains of the previous night's excesses, generally inanimate.

I wouldn't, though, nor would anyone I reckon who lives in a major metropolis where such behaviour is tolerated, which is most of the world I guess. After all, they have to buy the stuff and money makes the world go round, as we all know.

Similar hypocrisy exists, and perhaps even more so, in the world of the equally legal, and equally (ob?)noxious tobacco industry. The mutual addictions of smokers and governments interlace hazily as clouds of foul fumes rise and solidify to spell out 'fat tax revenues' in the skies like the cholesterol in our arteries. Yes, but look at all the hospitals we can build for lung cancer sufferers, the apologists blithely bleat.

It's always funny to consider the pure historical chance which has made certain 'bad' things legal and others out of bounds. In the end it's probably not worth trying to analyse why and more useful simply to say that things are the way they are today because of what has gone before and, in that chokingly obvious axiom, if you want things to stay the same, carry on doing what you've always done.

Another inspirational phrase I'm fond of claims that one one the best ways to succeed is not to give up. Or to carry on doing the same thing, to the best of your ability, for as long as it takes. One day someone will notice, so the theory goes. Success is not so much about innate genius, they claim, but more about hard graft, persistence, dedication and belief that what you're doing counts. And not listening to the naysayers who try to drag you down.

The problem now is to distinguish between the genuinely worthy stuff which you should keep on doing for the good of yourself and mankind, and the dangerous habits which no-one's troubling you about but which will kill you in the end.

Short-term gratification is probably a major culprit here. We want it, whatever it is, and we want it now. Or oblivion, which is a bit sad, but basically the same thing: we don't want it, and we don't want it now.

At least two addictions are visible in and of the above photo, either of which may be considered egregious or enlightening, depending on your point of view. Ultimately it's not for me to tell you which is which. Just 'Soyez vigilants !' (be alert) as the City of Paris advises us. Knowledge and awareness is power. Use it wisely if you wish.

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