Friday, 25 November 2011

Big Little Things Amuse Me

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~ Big Little Things Amuse Me ~

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Some folks like to get excited about really BIG things. Others prefer the smaller pleasures in life. Today I'm totally excited about a really big small thing I found in the streets of Paris last weekend. Let me explain.

Paris has a ton of these little blue plaques, normally either proudly announcing "Gaz à tous les étages" (gas on all floors, my goodness!), or telling you not to stick stuff up on Zee Walls: "Défense d'afficher".

But then there are the other, far rarer plaques; the hidden, unusual ones; the ones few others know about or even suspect the existence of. These things excite me.

And then there's this one. The Mother of all Obscure Blue Paris Wall Plaques. Panacea. Utopia. Heaven. Nirvana. Call it what you will, any Paris curiosity hunter would be delighted to spot this one on their perambulations.

I feel a bit like urban explorer dsankt, who I interviewed for 'Paris If You Please', describing the moment, after months of nocturnal metro tunnel burrowing, he finally discovered the legendary Sprague rolling stock: "The One" laid up in its lair. Albeit on a much humbler scale, admittedly.

The deal being, this particular rare blue Paris wall plaque is bigger than practically all the rest, rare or otherwise, much bigger. And that's a big deal to me - happy hunting!

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