Friday, 9 December 2011

Bobble Hat Bull

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~ Bobble Hat Bull ~

Bobble Hat Bull, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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It makes me wonder to what extent this latest marketing 'initiative' is legal, and if it is, how much they paid, and to whom.

It wasn't me, in any case, because I certainly can't remember being consulted about my willingness or otherwise to be subjected to this ocular pollution on my way to work.

Sure, little wooly bobble hats on bottles of drink are cute. And sure, the wooly hat-shaped advertising panels. sitting on top of the metal poles are eye-catching, and theoretically amusingly harmless.

But forgive my cynicism; why do we have to tolerate this insidious, invasive, unwanted commercialisation and trashification of our public space, and in whose name? He with the most attractive offer?

And if it is illegal. But tolerated. How long before we can't walk three metres without some subliminal or blatant buying signal being shoved up our noses or down our throats.

Give us a break guys! Let us decide for ourselves. With the only real danger being, we'll probably decide not.

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