Friday, 11 November 2011

Brain Funk United

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Brain Funk United ~

Brain Funk United, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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I could tell you that this is a grab shot of a couple of reluctant renegades heading down a Parisian metro tunnel, processed to oblivion, and I absolutely love it, but I won’t.

That’s my logical linguistic lurgy* out of the way by the way for today’s post; now on with the important stuff.

There’s a guy over there on a mower, mopping up autumn leaves like there’s no tomorrow. Like it’ll make a difference. There’s this other guy who has just checked the bin next to me. Nothing to report. Not even a wayward beer can. He gives a grunt and moves off. All quiet on the garbage disposal front.

And then there’s this other guy, one of those with those cool leaf-blowing tubey things, who blows the aforemushed leaves of the pavement and into piles for the mowerman or one of his cronies to come along and have done with them, by means of the achingly eco biodegradable plastic or paper bag, bien sûr.

And all that to say that once again I’m not convinced for an instant that these guys aren’t leading far more fulfilled lives than I am, tapping away here in this park like deranged Jeannot hammering out his tormented thoughts on the floor of the room where he was slowly starving himself to death, this moving edifice to the frailty of the human mind now on display for all to see outside the Sainte Anne hospital for the mentally disturbed.

I wonder if any of my stuff will outlive me. I wonder if there’s a bed free… and a hammer.

*Many thanks to new friend Erin for reminding me that us Brits say this word, like, all the time, along with crikey, cricket, and for all I know a slew of other crap beginning with cr.

And it’s a logical linguistic lurgy because it’s one of those pleasantly annoying sentences which can’t quite be true, but can’t quite isn’t. Saying that you’re not going to say what you’re saying is a logical impossibility (isn’t it?), along the lines of ‘Everything I say is a lie’, but that, as is often the case, is for another brainfunk.

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