Tuesday, 22 November 2011


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~ Ch-ch-ch-ch-changs... ~

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changs..., originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Times change, the pong remains the same. The smell of fresh-baked bread, or perhaps toasted sandwiches in this case.

Which reminds me, if I ever do a series on weird French spellings of English words, Paris would be a prime place to start.

I saw a shop just now, proudly proclaiming 'Boulangerie', 'Patisserie' and Sandwichs'.

Now this might not strike you as particularly jaw dropping, but it's bread and butter to this Paris twitterer.

And even just yesterday having spent minutes of my life explaining why we put an 'e' before the 's' to an unimpressed baguette biter, the eternal English teacher in me couldn't help but wince resignedly.

Some things will never change, unfortunately, because the world thrives on changs. (Is 'Pomme de Pain' a Chinese chain of sandwich shops, I wonder?)

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