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Finger Flippin' Good

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~ Finger Flippin' Good ~

Finger Flippin' Good, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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There are a lot of pointy things in Paris, but although I generally enjoy looking at them greatly, there are limits. Recently the entire side of La Conciergerie was covered in a huge photo of a perfume bottle, with some stupid slogan being rammed down our throats which will, unfortunately, probably eventually entice some brain dead bozo to actually buy the thing. "Because you know she's worth it..." Oh no, that's another one.

My current state of irritation has been brought on by yet another huge George Clooney poster in Paris, this time covering half the Louvre like he owns it as shown in a recent photo on this blog, as well as what they're doing to the Conciergerie, the Musée D'Orsay, and several others on the excuse that the ads are paying for the works. Sometimes I get so bugged I try to block them out with a finger, but they don't go away...

Anyway, the real reason I'm writing once again about ads is because of one I had thrust under my nose as I was eating my dinner just now as I was flicking through the huge pile of junk mail that gets dumped into my letter box practically every day. This one was so intensely stupid that I've even snapped it and included it here.

Now, I'm more than willing to believe that George Clooney actually quite likes his huge collection of free Omega watches - hell, I paid about a month's salary for a beauty about 25 years ago. What's a lot more difficult to swallow, however, is that one of the world's top sportsmen is equally devoted to stuffing huge lumps of fat-laden junk food down his throat on a regular basis.

Just how stupid do they think we are?

Here's how it works, in case you were thinking of buying a 'Quick' burger just because Mister P happens to be balancing one on his finger in this picture:

1) A company asks a famous person if they want to earn another truckload of money for having their photo taken.
2) The famous person says yes.
3) The famous person is photographed with something produced by the aforementioned company.
4) He is told to smile for the photo, which he does, because he is thinking of the aforementioned truckload of money.
5) The famous person tells the truck driver where to deposit the loot.
6) The famous person forgets about the photo but it makes him even more famous.
7) Repeat from 1) with another company and product, etc... ad nauseum

Oh, I almost forgot: if a lot of people don't realise what's going on they go and buy a lot of, oh, junk food burgers, say, because they think it will turn them into a world famous basket ball star. Or watches, which turn you into caffeine-addicted yacht sailors. What else? Oh yeah, or very small, very expensive bottles of strongly smelling poisonous liquid, which immediately transform women into semi-clad, sultry men-magnet sirens. Ain't life sweet?

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