Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Moody Metro Murkiness

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~ Moody Metro Murkiness ~

Moody Metro Murkiness, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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There is hope. Despite the fact that unenlightened 60s city planners didn't realise that Guimard's spooky droopy art nouveau looming lamps and moody metro entrances would turn into today's most sought after and archetypal Parisian photo ops, we still have a lot of them left to admire if we just lift our heads a little.

I can't remember which metro this is - it ain't Palais-Royal next to the Louvre, that's for sure (something's telling me it's Louvre-Rivoli...)! - but there are a lot of them, so don't sweat it. Wherever you walk in the city you're sure to stumble across a couple of these beauties, including the lights which were considered uncomfortably cutaneous for your average puritan Parigot, hence disapproved of. But not before a ton of them were installed.

Now we can enjoy the legacy on practically every street corner, and so much the better. Long may those lamps loom, and those murky metro entrances exude.

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