Saturday, 26 November 2011

Of Bankers & Benchers

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~ Of Banks & Benchers ~

Of Bankers & Benchers, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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'Banquier' in French means 'banker', but I don't see why it shouldn't also apply to our friend here, with whom I share a regular activity. And possibly a slippery slope.

Autumn, or 'fall' for our North American friends (but isn't 'autumn' poetic?) is certainly with us. Yesterday they were blowing away the leaves from in front of my house. That's a rather anti-poetic job, now I come to think of it. The lost leaf blower. The sweeper-upper of fallen ambition. And leaves.

Paris pulsates leaves at this time of year, such is the place consecrated to trees in this grand village. Heaven knows I've written about leaves. And benches. 'Banc' means 'bench' in French. So if you've thought about being a 'banquier' but don't have the training or the means to attain this lofty position, you can always be the other sort of banquier or 'bencher', which requires a preparation period of approximately one and a half seconds, the time to approach the coveted resting place.

If in Paris, I can recommend the Jardin de Luxembourg or the Tuilleries, for example.

Now we can enjoy the legacy on practically every street corner, and so much the better. Long may those lamps loom, and those murky metro entrances exude.

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