Wednesday, 16 November 2011

One Day I'll Fly Away

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~ One Day I'll Fly Away ~

One Day I'll Fly Away, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Not to put too fine a point on it, the big wheel's back for the Christmas season.

And it is the Christmas season, in case you hadn't noticed - I mean, it is mid-November, after all. Things are starting to look quite cheery, although I don't think anyone's really getting into the festive mood just yet; the 1st December is generally the psychological signal for that to happen.

I haven't seen the Galerie Lafayette or the Champs Elysées yet, but I did see that BHV had some pretty lights dripping away behind their windows yesterday.

The trend, of course, is for eco-responsibility; the Eiffel Tower only sparkles for five minutes every hour these evenings instead of ten, last year's Champs Elysées tree lights were certainly a subdued if sweet display, and I'm sure those BHV drips are taken from their most energy efficient range of lighting fixtures and fittings.

Energy efficient isn't a term you'd apply to their basement labyrinth, though, where you must spend about five Saturday shopping sprees' worth of calories just trying to find a square wooden toggle light switch. Well, I seem to remember doing so once.

Maybe it's time to get away from it all, like those seagulls, just up and off without a care in the wind. No worldly possessions, no hat boxes or matching luggage sets with a handy, inbuilt, extending handle and a wheel with a strong sense of direction diametrically opposed to yours, no tinsel headbands, no Gucci garbage and above all, no square wooden toggle light switches.

But then again I'll probably just stick to the same old Paris old, although sometimes you do get the impression you're just going round and round in circles, not to put too fine a point on it...

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