Thursday, 3 November 2011

Penny For The Guy

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~ Penny For The Guy ~

Penny For The Guy, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Well I wasn't going to Halloween, ghosties, skulls or anything death-related this October / November cusp, and in the end I'm not really, but I guess this guy would fit in rather well to your average fancy dress party.

Which begs the questions: What on earth is he doing on the mini-monumental gardens of the Hôtel de Dieu on Ile de la Cité, literally just a bone's throw from the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris? Good question.

Maybe he's an excaped patient (or guest - the place is a real 'hotel' as well as a hospital), or just a bit of rag day nonsense. The thing is, he looks pretty official, with a pedestal and everything...

Whatever the explanation, he sure cheers up they reverential old place, and makes a great change from your usual tired classical statues in varying states of pigeon-poopism. Last reference to Halloween until next year, promise (probably).

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