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Sketch Me Montmartre

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~ Sketch Me Montmartre ~

Sketch Me Montmartre, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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This is a much-photographed door from the heights of the north (of Paris), and if I ever get round to doing a Paris Top Ten Twisted Numbers this will obviously feature, as working out how number 4 can also be number 22, one above the other, is beyond me, and deliciously so.

There are a large number of quirks in this part of Paris, which makes Montmartre my most popular street photography tour by far. I had one last weekend, and another this, to give you an idea! Which is kind of a shame, given the vast riches concealed in many other districts such as the Latin Quarter, the Marais, around Palais Royal, Butte aux Caille, Passy, Montsouris... and the list goes on.

But then it's understandable too, because if there's one place in the capital which evokes without fail, everytime, everyone's imagined Paris of the past, Montmartre would be it.

And what's funny, is that I never get tired of it, and never come away from a stroll there without a handful of unexpected images which you couldn't part me from even if you tried to crowbar us apart with a baguette!

Last weekend was a case in point, and no doubt tomorrow will be too. I like to picture myself a little like Monet, and his series of poplars or cathedrals, reflecting the ever-changing light as only he could. I do it differently, of course, with vastly different tools, different subjects and different attitudes, but I feel an affinity with him all the same.

See you tomorrow on the slopes of the Butte.

Have a mellow day.

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