Sunday, 11 December 2011

Special 'K'

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~ Special 'K' ~

Special 'K', originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Even if the 'K' weren't the wrong way round, it still wouldn't be spelt correctly, but ya gotta love property promoters.

On the outskirts of Paris, which is relatively small as utterly international cities get bigger and bigger, space is definitely at a premium. Oh, and by the way, more tourists visit Paris each year than any other city.


ATYPIK, (sorry about the 'K') but your advertising is hilarious.

Two of your bullet points deserve special attention. Ya gotta love adshpeak.

- Balcons, terrasses, loggias (pour la plupart)

So you have balconies and terrasses for most of them, except those that haven't, but wait, there's better (well, worse) to come...

- Magnifiques vues (pour certains appartements)

That's great. Magnificent views for a handful of apartments. For the rest of you, welcome to Uglyville. But look on the bright side: you could be living in one of those houses down there, whose sunlight we're blocking out.

But never mind: maybe next year a bigger, 'better' tower block will be built in that vacant plot over there, just to overshadow yours (after all, space is surely at a premium in the world's most visited city)...

May the (wayward) 'K' be with you.

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