Sunday, 20 November 2011

Stone Cold Mobile

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~ Stone Cold Mobile ~

Stone Cold Mobile, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Discovered a marvellous little chip of street art last weekend on one of my photo tours with a great guy from Ireland. And it was he who pointed it out to me: mobile stones. You have to tap ‘n’ touch these things to make sure they’re not real phones just spray painted or something. But no, they’re set in stone, or somesuch stony material, hard to the touch and realistic as hell. Well ok, hell isn’t very realistic, but you get the texto.

I wouldn’t really have believed this was a street art ‘thing’ if it weren’t for the fact that the very same Irish photo tour great guy pointed out another of these little beauties about ten minutes later, this time tucked away in a grimy graffiti corner. So it was true! There is someone, carving away crazy, producing stone phones for the street photographer’s delight. Sick.

Reminds me in a subhumously related kind of way of the telephone booth on the ugly Pont Garigliano, where a virtual artist may or (most likely, considering the state of the receiver) may not give you a ring to ask you what you think of her oeuvre.

As I said when writing about the Pont Garigliano pick up point... I didn't get the call.

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