Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Stripped of Flesh and Finery

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Stripped of Flesh and Finery ~

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Found another of these poor skeletal souls, and this one a little the worse for wear.

Legless to be sure but utterly armless - it's enough to make anyone lose their head... Oh, he has.

This would be number three or four of these bonnie boys I've come across, or stumbled over, to be more precise. And a definite contender for a place in my Top Ten Daring Paris Drains, unless I establish a rule of no near repeats, which might be sensible.

There must be something funny about producing art which you know will be scuffed to smithereens in a matter of months, and yet you do it anyway. And don't sign it.

I don't think I could do that. A bit too anonymous for me I'm afraid. But, then again, what could be more anonymous than a skeleton? Stripped of flesh and finery, as Richard Thompson sang.

Like artist, like art; effacing and effaced in the end.

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