Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pigeon Post

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~ Pigeon Post ~

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When I take the line C into the city, I see the silver birds in the distance, skimming the horizon. And when I drive in up the N20 or the A something or other we have to duck to avoid our heads being taken off in one fell swoop.

My 2-year-old son is collecting sightings, and gesticulates enthusiastically at each shiny passing speck, expecting the same of me. So we both wave at moving motes full of faces at windows waving back at wildly waving us.

As for the city itself, there are less planes to wave at, but plenty of other flying things to look out for. Admittedly, like most modern citiez, the winged wildlife of Paris is somewhat limited in variety. 'Pigeons' would probably most accurately sum it up.

So if you're serious about tracking down avian phenomena you need to get inventive. And by enlarging our scope just slightly to include all occurrences of winged creature, living or leaden, a vast range of possibilities suddenly opens up in front of us.

From gruesome gargoyles on Notre Dame to flying horses on Pont Alexandre III, about a million angels and cherubs of some description or other, of course, right the way down to today's picture, and what looks suspiciously like a couple of common or garden... pigeons! Well, whaddya know? Nature wins in the end... oh wait!

Another silver speck's just been spotted, which appears, incredible as it must seem, infinitely more interesting to 2-year-old eyes than my gold pigeon-encrusted Montmartre letterbox.

So excuse me if you will; I've got to wave at the sky like a loony. Come to think of it, you should try it; it's really quite good fun! Look - there's another one - hello, hello! (Can you see them waving back... and smiling?)

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