Friday, 20 January 2012

Ancestors' Blood

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~ Ancestors' Blood ~

Ancestors' Blood, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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The streets teach us history, this has to be understood.

Sometimes it's extremely subtle: a scrapped insignia or a crumbling carving.

Sometimes it's more obvious: in-your-face sidewalk slogans for all of us to enjoy or abhor. Depending on your personal sensibilities or, why not, lack of them.

I'm a fan of those who try to make themselves heard as long as it: doesn't damage the environment and existing beauty for others; is funny, clever, ironic or otherwise original; makes us think.

This one here made me think, for no better reason than that I'm useless in French history so off I scuttling went to my points of reference to see if this was referring to the 1789 revolution or the 1968 student 'uprising' or what.

If you want you can simply wonder what that bright blob up in the top right is; hell, I don't want to impose viewing choices upon my readers! Now I'm off to be a bastard and swim in some Communards' blood, apparently...

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