Wednesday, 28 December 2011

And Dosey Doe Your Partner

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~ And Dosey Doe Your Partner ~

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I don't know how many time I've titled a post or a poem 'Election Time', but I've got a queasy fealing it's more often than I should have, so I'll refrain.

But anyway, it's almost election time again here in France, and as the tone of the newspapers and TV broadcasts rises to fever pitch we can expect all manner of stupefyingly soporific speeches and assorted nonsense for the next few months. Oh to be a camel, if what they say is true, which apparently it isn't.

Anyway, I've just made the above photo No.3 in my Top 10 Paris Sidewalk Slogans (read about it here), so I won't bore you with all that stuff here, and just say: here's a photo I took a couple of nights ago in the 5th/6th arrondissements of Paris; I hope you like it.

And incitement to commit smiolence isn't one of the worst crimes out there, now is it?

(It looks like he's stealing a big box of ice-cream, no? I wonder what flavour ice-cream he chose? Given the establishment, the choice must have been excrutiatingly difficult - anyone know where it is?)

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