Thursday, 22 December 2011

Break Open The Bubbly (Water)

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~ Break Open The Bubbly (Water) ~

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Still in the depths of darkest Marais night I’m afraid folks, but here’s an image to your warm your heathen hearts: the Mairie of the Marais 4th arrondissement section in Paris. And the traditional Christmas tree. As sponsored by Vittel, I think it is. Vittel? You mean the bottled water company, Sab? That I do, my friends. And what possible interest could a bottled water company have in sponsoring Christmas in the 4th, you may be wondering. Well take a closer look at them thar Christmas trees, and you’ll see why.

Coz they’ve got about as much to do with the mighty majestic pine as a glass of tap water has to do with the Niagara falls. And yet the initiative is admirable and terribly zeitgeist, if I may be so bold.

We’re looking at a new concept in Christmas decorations. Well ok, maybe my parents did (and probably still do) recycle their same, tired old Christmas streamers decade in, decade out, but that’s not what I’m talking about. And don’t get me wrong mum and dad if you’re reading, I loved those darned things and getting the Christmas box down from the attic once again every December with the delicious anticipation of all the exciting things to come for a young one…

But as I said, this is a different kind of recycling. Despite the fact that these water bottles look suspiciously shiny and new, all with the very same outward facing twist to them and not a scrap of a label in sight, those less cynical than I will no doubt laud praise on this worthy initiative. A publicity stunt, of course, but hopefully publicity for the right reasons for once. May the festivities begin!

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