Sunday, 15 January 2012

By My Grandfather's Beard

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ By My Grandfather's Beard ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Now, while you might think that this is an innocent little pretty picture of a twirly-whirly round-about, it is not.

Well, it is, but not in the sense I’m meaning.

And while you might not see the relationship with Paris, yes, but Ah-Hah… coz this is exactly Paris, you see… what I’m meaning?

This charming caroussel is currently stationed in front of the Hôtel de Ville, one of two (carousels) – lucky Hôtel de Ville! – no less.

And now here comes the sleight of hand. This post is neither about caroussels or Hôtels de Ville. It’s about (did you guess?)…

Our Lady!

Well, not my lady, but someone’s lady, I presume. Our Lady of Notre Dame. Well, Our Lady of Paris, to be precise.

Notre Dame de Paris.

Because while you were being cunning and unwittingly drawn in to my ‘cute pic of a carousel’ trap, what I was really doing was setting you up for the Big News.

Oh yes.

I have a new series. The Hidden Notre Dames (Notres Dames? Notres Dames?) of Paris. The subtle representations of Our Lady which crop up in the most unexpected places. Here’s the first. It was almost the idea for the whole thing, if I hadn’t just passed by the Sacred Dame herself and said to myself, so I did, so I did, I bet I could do a Sab’s Top Ten Paris Notre Dame Sightings, and so it began.

And, as so often happens, as soon as you put your mind to something, all of a sudden, up it pops, all over the sacred place. And Notre Dame was no exception.

Where this new adventure will lead, only time will tell; but you were there at the beginning, that you can tell your grandchildren, over and over, and for that they will, by the beard of their good old granddad, no doubt, give you hell.

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