Monday, 19 December 2011

Come To Metro Country

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~ Come To Metro Country ~

Come To Metro Country, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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While few of us weary trottoir traipsers consciously notice the sublimely subliminal art nouveau 'M' as we head home heads down, far fewer of us suspect its far from innocent origins.

It's true that McDonalds now sponsor a large number of the Paris metro stations with their omnipresent big yellow 'M', but that's not it at all.

No, in fact there's another, far hazier side to the story, involving a company with a vested interest in slipping their smoky 'M' down your so far subconscious throat. Now who could that be?

In a time when openly promoting their wares, if not yet consuming them, is illegal, these wiley marketers will find countless clever ways to place their products, on your backs, under your feet and even on the most unsuspected aspects of this great city's cultural heritage.

Honestly, the renovation of Paris' splendid Hector Guimard metro entrances, now sponsored by the 'M' that dare not splutter its name; who'd have believed it ;~?

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