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Hands In The Air (Like You Don't Care)

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~ Hands In The Air (Like You Don't Care) ~

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Beauty is often bombarded with brutishness, and Paris is no exception. Sitting side by side the classic Paris monuments and tourist traps is the other side of the city balancing this uneasy alliance. Beauty only has a place in a world where ugliness is permitted, otherwise it would have no meaning and cease to exist as a concept.

You won't believe how much I had to refrain from calling this post 'One Day I'll Fly Away'. Jeez, I've already labelled at least two other posts thus and can my imagination (or musical heritage) be so limited that every time I take a picture of a bird, or a picture of a picture of a bird, this old chestnut clunks to mind?

Well, probably, yes! Refrain I also shall from calling it 'Window Of Opportunity' - Hah! - that old cliché; best avoided at all costs.

Hmm, what, then, could I call this most hopeful and potentially symbolic of images, courtesy of Paris street artist Jérôme Mesnager.?

'Make Me Your Number One'?

'I'm Outta Here'?

'One Sh*t Wonder'?

Oh, I don't know. I'm sure if I worked for The Sun or something I'd be able to come up with these things more spontaneously and easily than I do at the moment.

Jérôme doesn't do so many of his famous white man around the streets of Paris these days. Not that he's not allowed to in the way Miss.Tic is, err, I mean isn't, unless specifically commissioned. It's more that he's painting 'real' paintings at the moment and working exclusively to commission, so new white men in the Paris streets are a relatively rare occurrence.

What's particularly interesting about this one, in a small passage on the flanks of Montmartre, is that, if you look closely, the wall has recently been painted, well after the original painting was done. But as happened with a work by Jef Aerosol I saw the other month, they painters have painted around the 'graffiti', and in doing so given it a renewed lease of life and a new legitimacy.

Art becomes life. If it isn't the other way around. It all depends on your point of view, I guess. Here's mine, what's yours? And that last sentence would probably have made a far better title than the one I've used, but there you go ;~S

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