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Intercellar Overdrive

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~ Intercellar Overdrive ~

Intercellar Overdrive, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Who is this mysterious hunched figure in an even more curious place, you wonder. Are we in the vaults of one of the old gothic churches for which the city is so rightly famous? Maybe even the mother of them all, the legendary Notre Dame de Paris? And that hunched figure, that couldn't be... No, it's not possible... Not the... Hunchback of Notre Dame himself?!

No, just some dude like me visiting a house in the Marais, but not just any house. This particular house happens to have a 16th century gothic monastic cellar which was, would you believe it, used by 16th century monastic monks to store stuff in their Parisian pied-de-terre, or city stopping over joint. Baise-en-ville is the less polite version of that term, but they being monks we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Their monastery was a hundred Ks out of town, but these self-sufficient souls would bring their surplus wares here to store and sell. So exceptionally well ventilated was it that there wasn't a drop of moisture, and apples would remain in perfectly good condition for a year.

I spent about ten minutes soaking up the atmosphere in this delightful but dilapidated place, currently being renovated by the Paris History association.

For our info they try to save old buildings from being lost and modern monstrosities going up all over Paris, from the grandest to the most modest.

To satisfyingly 'boucle le boucle' (buckle the belt, or complete the circle) as the French would say, I was very happy to see almost the exact same picture as this one from a recent Paris and I blog post on their wall. But coincidences are a bit like luck; they happen more often if you are open for them.

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