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Invasion of the White Stripes

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Invasion of the White Stripes ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

I made this a little Paris quiz question on my Paris If You Please Facebook page the other day, so why don't you have a go too?

The question was, what are all the white things. Someone got the main one immediately, which was cool, but no-one mentioned the others. For your info, I'm looking for you to identify the big white pointy thing at the top right, the smaller pointy white thing middle left, and the two horizontal white things bottom left. No prizes, just comment section glory!

I'll give you the answer in a minute. But here are some clues in case you're interested.

One of the white things is incredibly famous. Another of them is only there from time to time, and tends to move around a bit. And two of them are incredibly common and are made to move around constantly.

Think you've got them? OK, here are the answers:

The two white stripes bottom left are moving car headlights. The pointy thing middle left is the Obelisk at place de la Concorde, and the big white pointy thing is in fact the Paris big wheel, taken side-on, in what's becoming its traditional Christmas location.

Thanks for playing, and let's do it again some time! Too easy, by the way, for you Paris aficionados, too hard, or just about right? How did you do? Every been up it (the Big Wheel)? Pretty cool view, huh?! It must be particularly great this year, with the Champs Elysées decorations echoing the circular theme.

And not a Jack or a Meg in sight, unless there's a bit of nutty Meg in the mulled wine down there on the Elysées Fields, or the odd Jack-o'-lantern hanging over from Halloween somewhere along the way...

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