Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Leg, Breast or Thigh?

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~ Leg, Breast or Thigh? ~

Leg, Breast or Thigh?, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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It's rare for me to present you with an image which is pretty much 'as is'. There's no way I'm going to offer you a shot of someone else's creation, for example, without having at least tried to add a little bit of me to it.

This is almost an exception, because it's a fairly straightforward shot of a shop window. I hadn't heard of this shop in the Marais before, although I'd been past it many times, the Marais being one of my major haunts. A place called 'Ted Baker', from London, no less (like me, hah!), and they're advertising Leg, Breast or Thigh at the moment, as it happens.

The legs, breasts or thighs on offer are, I assume, those of the poor trembling creature in the window, or its kinsfolk. And trembling it was! If you look at its neck and head you'll see what I mean. The whole thing was kind of gruesome actually, but apparently Ted reckons it'll draw in the slathering crowds, and who am I to argue.

'Ted caters for all tastes', by the way, and being, well, a leg, breast and thigh kinda guy myself, I don't think I'd be too difficult to please.

It's funny that something so quintessentially British, with all its charactures of the typical English Christmas (pissed sisters, slimy uncles, tantrumming brats) should be nestled away here in the heart of such a typically Parisian district.

I don't know who this 'Ted Baker' is, or if he really exists (internet searching for blog posts is sometimes so last year) but that's all part of the intrigue I guess. Happy Christmas. Except for the turkey! Oh, OK, breast, if you push me...

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