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May The Farce Be With You

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~ May The Farce Be With You ~

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The people with their backs to us in the photo call themselves ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’, and this activity takes up quite a few of their waking hours.

Here we see them standing outside Daumesnil metro station in the 12th at the somewhat ungodly hour of 8 am on a Saturday morning. Some of their fellow group members did the same thing when my local train station was Gentilly on the RER line B.

I’m not quite sure what they want.

They are generally holding, or in this case ‘displaying’ some of their magazines. These publications cover a range of cosy family and personal issues, some quite profound, such as drug abuse and abortion, or dealing with difficult teenage kids, which, heaven knows, I'd like to do without ;~S

There are also some stranger articles where they try to get you to join their weird and sinister cult, which is run out of the United States by a shady group of people making a hell of a lot of money from these poor brainwashed folks by preying on their insecurities in order to make them believe some frankly ridiculous shit about the future, as if they could know.

Unfortunately, the only thing the sect’s managers are concerned about is the future state of their pockets, adequately lined by the dollars of their dopey victims.

Hmm, sounds like most religions and businesses, come to think of it.

The most worrying thing is the dopiness or vulnerability of their targeted clients. It’s the scariest thing.

So anyway, here they are, mindlessly trying to sell their nonsense, because they’ve been told to, and because they get brownie points from their ‘new family’ if they do, and all the rest of the stupid farce. If they don’t meet their targets no doubt they’ll get ostracised, and having already lost their family due to the ridiculous demands of the cult they’ll be left to wander the streets until kingdom come.

HEY, don’t look at me like that! These people accosted ME with their loony propaganda as I innocently exited my metro station!. What is a sane soul to do? I don’t go around shoving my lack of belief in fairies, gnomes, elves and Steve Jobs coming to give me an iPad 2 this Christmas down the throats of innocent bystanders. Should they, perhaps, get a life?

After all, only a few, even of their kind, are actually going to be ‘saved’, according to their pamphlets, come the cruel judgement day, so even a fair number of their nearest and dearest are going to burn, horribly, in excruciating agony, in absolute, unimaginable pain for, what was it again, oh yes, eternity.

This is the nonsense we are being subjected to on exiting your average Parisian metro station. Sympa. Luckily, there’s a hospital just around the corner. Let's hope they have a wackos wing. This way madness lies, indeed.

Not that the other religions should get complacent. They’re all peddling the same thing in the end if they actually read their holey books.

So anyway, isn’t the Paris metro sign looking wintery all of a sudden? Maybe because it’s winter, although with today’s temperatures you wouldn’t think so (thanks Global Warming). May the farce be with you. Now you know what they want.

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