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Painting Over The Cracks

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~ Painting Over The Cracks ~

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A more depressing place you'd be hard-pushed to find. And even though I've grimed up my photo no end, the actual reality is far worse. It's grim.

In case you're wondering, this seems to be some sort of temporary housing provided by the Salvation Army, although I'm only going by the sign at the top and the number of down-in-the-jowl souls going in, out and generally circling around the place.

You know, sometimes colour works. I mean, when you look at the Pompidou Centre, whatever you may think of the thing, you don't automatically associate it with the remains of the day and wrist-slitting.

But on this place it's like a charade; like papering over the cracks. The colours here only go to make the whole sorry spectacle seem a whole lot worse. Who are they trying to kid? Red, yellow and blue? Gayness and jollity? Sunshine and smiles. Come on, let's face it, we're not talking Disneyland here I'm afraid.

This is typical of some of the outlying areas of the city, where progress hasn't yet decided to materialise and we're still stuck in the dire depths of 1960s and 70s architectural monstrosities, begging to be torn down yet still providing some meagre comfort to some of the less fortunate Parisian paupers.

Sorry to put a downer on this Christmas Eve for you if you're reading this, but that's not my intention. As a Paris chronicler and see it as my calling to show all sides of the city, and, ironically, I can see beauty in such an edifice, and ugliness in some pristine modern machinations. It all depends and once again it's all relative - without the one, we couldn't appreciate the other, and it goes both ways. This is our life and our environment. Understanding it is the first step. As to the second, I'm still working on that one.

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