Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pulling My Plonker

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~ Pulling My Plonker ~

Pulling My Plonker, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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I’ve written before on the thing this poster’s talking about. Idiots who pull the alarm signal as they are getting off the train, causing the driver to have to walk the entire length of the platform and back to check there’s not someone stuck in a door somewhere. Kids, eh?!

So they delay the train for five or ten minutes as vital checks are done and reports are made and all because some morons have nothing better to do than piss everyone else off. Of course, you can imagine what their reaction would be if someone did it to them when they had to be somewhere important. Like what? An exam? A score? Would they have the intelligence to see the irony of the situation or would they wet themselves laughing all the same..? Your guess…

Of course the RATP can’t call these people the degenerates they really are, so they try to appeal to… what? Their intelligence? Their conscience? Their innate sense of social equality, respect and justice? Hmm. Will the hunky SNCF agent convince the miscreants to change their ways?

Not that I'm quite stupid enough to not see this kind of behaviour as symptomatic of the crappy situation some of these kids are living up in. Some things can't be excused, but heaven knows society has its role to play and its share of the blame to shoulder. Mind the gap.

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