Thursday, 29 December 2011

Share A Little Warmth

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~ Share A Little Warmth ~

Share A Little Warmth, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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It’s a regular evening ritual for me at the moment: arrive at Bibliothèque François Mitterand around 8 or 9 pm. Realise I’ve just missed my train and have 27 minutes to wait. Have a little stroll up top eating chocolate. Head back down to the platform a few minutes before the train is due. Huddle around one of the strangely blinding heat radiating posts found on some of the platforms with a few other homesick souls checking the monitors to make sure the train hasn’t been cancelled and texting home with the latest travel updates.

It’s a funny way to spend one’s time, when you think given another life path we could be lazing on the sand somewhere next to our little bar business in the Caribbean, or rotting in a refugee camp on the Kenya-Somalia border for that matter.

All these people we spend time close to, like this woman on the train about 50 centimetres from me, her legs bracketed by mine, to whom I shall never speak, whose life story I shall never know and whose gaze my eyes may not even meet. We’re sharing the carriage jiggles, and earlier I shared the heat rays with a whole bunch of people, and of course I’m sharing the planet with you all.

Talking of planets, the Earth has discovered a ‘sister’ today, say the papers; a slightly (two and a half?) times bigger thing with the right temperature, around 22°C apparently, to support life, it being around the same distance from its sun. Unfortunately, at 600 light years from us, we 're not able to verify for certain if there is actually life on Kepler-22b, or wave at them if there is. And of course, if we could actually see someone or something waving, they would undoubtedly have been dead for an extremely long time already. Sigh.

So I'll content myself with sharing a few waves of warmth emanating from the Bibliothèque François Mitterand platform E/F heat stick coupled with the odd empathetic curse each time there's a delay announced.

I've noticed they've stopped finishing each misery report on the PA system by thanking us for our understanding, because they know we don't. Now they just say "Thank you... for listening out for more messges." Curse curse... Big Hug!

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