Monday, 2 January 2012

Think You've Got A Crap Job?

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~ Think You've Got A Crap Job? ~

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The French sometimes complain about their travail de merde (shitty job), but they're generally exaggerating.

If the lady above used this term, on the other hand, she'd be quite within her rights. She's probably got the shittiest job of them all.

She cleans the toilets used by people from all over the place. Possibly the world. In a way you could say she's an internationalisht. Hobnobbing on a global scale, albeit through the back door, as it were.

To each their empire. You know when you're in the realms of the little Asian woman from the Gare de Lyon brick merde house. I heard her screaming at some poor guy for heading off towards the ladies instead of the gents the other day.

We all make mistakes. But we pay for them down there. Down there in the kingdom of the sinking turd. Think it absurd but long-haired travellers and managing directors all fall under the same brush.

No need to rush! I guess she'll be there, tomorrow and tomorrow; there's plenty of time down there. Just don't linger on to stare, coz she'll shoo you out with a shout and you'll know you've met your match. She's the queen of clean. So don't bother thinking your thoughts obscene.

In her domain of orange and white, she does what's right. She does her job. A shitty job, in the purest sense of the term. So think before claiming you've a travail de merde, because some people really have, and their shit's yours. Which may smell of roses, but in all probability doesn't. For what that's worth.

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