Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Welcome To The Underworld

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Welcome To The Underworld ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Weirdest thing. I hope you wouldn't expect any less.

Walking down the road in an, ok, not exactly mainstream part of town, and what should I see...

Well yes, exactly, 'what' is the operative word here. Stuck on the edge of the sidewalk is what can only be refered to as 'a structure' of some sort. In all my years in Paris, I'd never seen anything quite like it. Or even vaguely like it.

Maybe it's a one-off; I don't know. But what I did know was that it was worth further investigation. So I further investigated.

The results of my further investigations will be shared with my inner circle of Paris freaks shortly - feel free to join us any time!

But in the meantime, know this: it's impressively emblazoned with the arms of Paris; the top opens, and you can just about look down into... something; and it's one hell of an ugly brown, but then again, a lot of things are.

See you in the underworld!

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