Saturday, 28 January 2012

Best & Worst of Times

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Best & Worst of Times ~

Best & Worst of Times, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Heading down the escalator on, as it happens, the last day at my ill-fated latest 'job'... what should I see, but red, green and blue, in the form of our desperately cheery free daily rag rats' umbrellas.

The picture I was going to use disappointed me because, although better composed than the one above, it was slightly out of focus. This one was even more so. So it pleased me more. There's no point harbouring half measures. There's nothing worse than meanly-baked mediocrity. If you're going to do something badly, well, make sure you go the whole hog. And then, magically, if you're lucky, it suddenly becomes worthy of something again.

This image is destined to become some sort of aide-mémoire for me - I'm sure every time I see it I'll be gently jogged back into this strange strange year of 2011 dripping into 2012. There's no point saying it wasn't the best of years, because denying what you've lived and regretting part of your life is a sad thing to do, I think. So it was good. It was useful. It was worthwhile - eminently worthwhile.

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