Thursday, 2 February 2012

Box Hedge Beatitude

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~ Box Hedge Beatitude ~

Box Hedge Beatitude, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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What's this? Oh, just another utterly charming view into one of those hidden Paris courtyards you spy from time to time...

In keeping with my current tendency of not telling you everything until you've made a bit effort all on your own, where do you reckon this is?

I'll give you a clue: you can get into this stalwart Parisian landmark for free (during opening hours) and gaze out onto this view through the subtly variegated panes to your heart's desire whilst admiring some of the most mindnumbingly boring beautifully preserved royal-backside supporting antique furniture and about a million old portraits of people you don't know and have no intention of knowing.

The more I go to this place, the more I realise that the Musée du Moyen Age (musée Cluny) was like Space Mountain at EuroDisney in comparison.

Be that as it may, the oddly moving moment occasionally creeps up and nudges you, as it did above. Elegance manifests itself when you're least expecting it. So I've taught myself to expect it constantly, and that way I end up spotting it more. See if it works for you.

And why not...
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