Monday, 6 February 2012

Bum Unrap

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Bum Unrap ~

Bum Unrap, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

OK, I readily admit that this has very little to do with Paris, or anything else for that matter, but there you go.

However, it was taken in Paris, in the 11th or 12th I believe, and is fairly representative of the bizarreness lurking in the most seemingly innocuous shop windows.

It's enough to break a healthy red bloodied young middle-aged chap like myself out into a sweat, if I didn't know better...

It's all in good fun, of course, 'fun' being the operative, and decidedly un-froggy word. But a stroll down any of the Asian sweatshop infested streets around these parts will reveal a mind-boggling assault on the dignity of the English language.

Somehow, somewhere, at sometime, for example, someone decided that suffixing any, and I mean ANY random word with an apostrophe s ('s) instantly renders it irresistibly 'English', and therefore 'cool'.

Go figure. But that'll be for another post.

In the meantime let's content ourselves with your average guy's wet dream courtesy of 'Fun Kiwi II' (yes, that's really what they've called their shop) whilst waiting for something resembling the real thing. This is Paris!

And why not...
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