Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Forbidden Fruit

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~ Forbidden Fruit ~

Forbidden Fruit, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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On watching certain channels here in France, such as BFM TV, a French business and news station, you'd think we were all desperately desperately single and suffering.

If we're not being subjected to a terribly earnest demoiselle from Meetic bemoaning the difficulty of finding her other half through the usual channels (work, parties, bars, soirées...), it's an eDarling babe biddiing us sign up and hook up through 'quality introductions'.

Not forgetting the weather spot, which is bookended and supposedly 'brought to us by' another bunch of would-be match makers, Attractive World, this time for 'demanding singles' if you please.

But here in the Paris metro at this beginning of 2012 we have something a little different. Gleeden (.com) to be exact.

Gleeden suggests you taste some forbidden fruit, and will help you do so if you like. It's the site for 'extra-marital relationships'. If you wanna cheat on your husband or wife, here's the place you can risk your life.

What I want to know is, what would happen if both people in a married couple signed up to Gleeden, were attracted by the profile of their other half, and arranged to meet up. Has Hollywood covered that one yet?

It seems like pretty dodgy territory to me though. Imagine trying to say as much about yourself as possible, without saying so much that your wife or husband will recognise you if they happen to be reading. But then again, they shouldn't be reading at all, should they? What would that mean? That they were planning on being unfaithful? Disgraceful.

And why not...
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