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Heaps of Stuff

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~ Heaps of Stuff ~

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On the second (of Jan), on my first (day of heading into the city this year), I'm as usual preoccupied with what the next year will bring. I should say, what the next year 'should' bring, being someone who believes in self-determination as opposed to predestination, as it means there's actually a point for doing anything at all.

One of the things I think it should bring, that is to say, one of the things I think I should bring about, is more discipline.

There are heaps of things I want to accomplish this coming year, but I often feel I dissipate my efforts and fritter away my time on less important things. I don't mean 'quality down time' or 'hanging five' or moments of quiet reflection or just being available for my kids and family. I mean total, complete and utter wastes of time. The vast majority of those have gotta go and be channelled into more productive tackling of one of them thar heaps.

And as for which heaps to give priority to...

I know from experience that I can't be a one-heap-wonder. Restricting myself to one area of human endeavour would frustrate the hell out of me. How could I choose? A poem a day? Better drop the painting then. Writing that Paris book? Well there's your street photography course out the window. Learning Spanish seriously? Bye bye creating my killer on-line English course. Getting properly fit this year? Really making use of that cinema pass? Actually reading some of those books I buy? Oh dear, the list goes on. And being a better dad, son, partner and hey, why not get some friends? Looks like I'll have to lose all of the others above.

Heaps of stuff, and that's just me talking about 'free time' activities. Free time? Hah! Reach out and feel the radiation of my mirth. Hence discipline.

The need to choose a handful of things - maybe just two or three - and really go for it. I mean them. But not too many, or you won't see any results. And not too few or you'll be like the circus freaks we see on creepy Christmas cabaret shows: able only to do one utterly useless thing utterly well.

And what's the other thing they say in all those 'change your life' books? Oh yes, little and often. Small, regular steps; make them a habit. Eating an elephant, a mouthful at a time. And what'll happen next? Probably heaps of stuff. And hopefully not too much proboscidean poo to go along with it.

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