Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Insides Out

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Insides Out ~

Insides Out, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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This is a sneaky one, as it's going to be a quiz question tonight in my monthly Paris Pub Quiz, so I'm not going to tell you where and what it is. But I don't really need to, do I Paris fans..?!

It was night, of course, as too many of my pics are at the moment. I'm gonna have to get out in the day more. It's just that the light hurts my eyes and my fangs ache...

This tendency isn't likely to let up soon (the night pics, not the aching fangs), as that's about the only time I'm able to take shots these days, but I'll try to throw in a few sunny ones from time to time.

My big news yesterday was that my 2012 calendars arrived, although I'm afraid I can't give you one unless you come on one of my Paris Photo Tours or come and see me personally. They're only little Vistaprint desk calendars, with 13 of my pics from last year. I think they're all iPhone pics (i.e. ones you'll have seen on this blog) this time, but the quality's ok.

That's it for today. By the way, there was a question in last month's quiz about this extremely famous building too. It was: What are the four main colours used and what does each of them represent. Feel free to give it a go!

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