Sunday, 29 January 2012

No Eiffeling Matter

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~ No Eiffeling Matter ~

No Eiffeling Matter, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Should I launch myself into a Paris Top 10 of wacky representations of the city's number one icon, me wonders. There must be thousands of possibilities I would think.

I particularly like this one, on an official poster from the town hall wishing us all a good 2012. The creation we see here was made by 'the florists of the City of Paris', so it says, although not by all of them I presume, as there's quite a few.

It seems that for every official event of any stature there's a need for yet another arty representation of the iron lady, so if I did start to look out for examples of the genre I'm sure I wouldn't go starved.

Well now that it's in my mind I'm sure I'll be more aware of these occurrences and will be able to judge for myself if it would make a worthy photo series. And you can always let me know what you think too of course. I wonder what the most obscure or abstract representation of the tour would be which could still clearly be discerned as the creation of Eiffel. More to come on this I feel.

And why not...
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