Friday, 27 January 2012

Shhh, I'm Thinking

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~ Shhh, I'm Thinking ~

Shhh, I'm Thinking, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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And to continue my recent penchant for Paris street artists, here's a spectacular example: Jef Aerosol's excellent contribution to the charm of the square around the Stravinski fountain right next to the Pompidou centre.

This picture was one of the questions in our Paris If You Please's group's latest pub quiz (Question: Where is it? / Who's it by?) and if you'd like to know more about our lively Paris discovery group, check out our Meet Up page: Paris If You Please Meet Up Group.

Although I've processed the pic to hell, and to be fair to myself I had to as it was taken on a grim and grimy night with not much to commend the original pic, I'd like to point out what grabbed my attention in the end, and which allows me to say that it's not just a picture of someone else's work, which I abhor. It's the little window up there which seems more significant in real life. It's almost as though the guy is saying 'Shhh..' because someone up there (this mural covers an entire building) is doing something personal.

This is really a piece to check out, if you're in the area, as the scale is impressive to say the least. It's inspiring to see both our honest and positive Paris street artists 'making it' and also the attitude of the powers that be to support what is clearly something which is widely appreciated by the populace. Shhh - what do you think?!

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