Friday, 3 February 2012

Welcome To My Local

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~ Welcome To My Local ~

Welcome To My Local, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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When it comes to Sunday or even Saturday afternoon activities, there's not much nicer than sitting sipping in a Parisian café or brasserie somewhere. Thiswhere happened to be at Nation over in the east of the city, but it could have been anywhere.

In fact I've got a bit lackadaisical about it and hit the terraces far too little these days. Actually, much as the outside areas are 'the place to be (seen', I much prefer little nook and crannies tucked away inside where you can gaze out discretely on all the hustling and bustling from a corner of calm and plan your latest opus on good old paper, without a bit or a byte in sight, remember those days?

We're still spoilt here in Paris, despite reports that there are only half the number of cafés there used to be, and of course many of them have very specific styles which don't have much to do with the Paris of yesteryear, but variety is a good thing, right?

In any case, I still haven't succeeded in my quest to find a 'local' which I can truly make my own, which is maybe symptomatic of my state; believing that any café in Paris is 'my local', in the way a true local never would... Given the choice, however, I think I'll keep it that way.

And why not...
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