Tuesday, 7 February 2012

All Going Swimmingly

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~ All Going Swimmingly ~

All Going Swimmingly, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Hey! Fancy a swim? Well that's great, because you can actually swim ' in' the Seine (despite it being illegal), as it were, without even getting wet. Errm... in a manner of speaking.

I didn't have particularly high hopes in terms of Paris street photography when I set out in the strangest of moods on a searingly chilly Tuesday afternoon.

Night fell. As is its wont.

I walked from Bibliotèque François Mitterand past Austerlitz towards Saint Michel and the Latin Quarter. As is mine.

I thought I must swim in the Josephine Baker pool one of these months, moored on the banks of the river as it is, having replaced the sunken Piscine Deligny, and hopefully a bit more trustworthy, although its predecessor did stay afloat for a darned long time before ironically drowning in its own mooring space.

But this isn't about all that, this is about the fact that a casual glance to the right as I was trolling by revealed an unusual sight. A young Asian was painting the pool. No, I don't mean that the pool was being painted, I mean an artist was creating a pleasingly impressionistic representation of serene swimmers swimming of a January evening, albeit a brass monkey's one.

Quite made me all misty-eyed imagining my lost (French) youth of about 16 years ago when I lived on a barge in the erstwhile valley of the impressionists out at Vesinet le Pecq. But I digress.

The two likely lads in the picture above didn't like the fact that I was taking a picture of what I was taking a picture of. About one second after I took this shot they started wagging fingers at me and gesticulating 'No, no!' as if I were stealing their very souls.

I'm not quite sure what their problem was. Could it be people's modesty they're angsting over? Because as you can see above, you'd be hard-pressed to identify anyone apart from the two jokers and the dabbing dude, but there you go.

Anyway, swim on and, if this isn't a contradiction in terms, wrap up warm!

And why not...
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